Introduction Savannah, Georgia is a charming Southern city, perfect for those who want to have a relaxing, yet fun and..."> Introduction Savannah, Georgia is a charming Southern city, perfect for those who want to have a relaxing, yet fun and..."> Introduction Savannah, Georgia is a charming Southern city, perfect for those who want to have a relaxing, yet fun and..." /> Introduction Savannah, Georgia is a charming Southern city, perfect for those who want to have a relaxing, yet fun and..." />

A Local’s Guide to Savannah

Posted on: Wednesday August 29, 2018 at 1:46 PM


Savannah, Georgia is a charming Southern city, perfect for those who want to have a relaxing, yet fun and active holiday time.

Our team has put the effort to write a list of must-see places to ease your decision on what to do & where to go if you decide to jump over to beautiful Savannah. There are many possibilities, and you may find yourself with a long checklist and so little time to visit all the places you planned to.

Being locals, we know all the secret cozy places and activities that will bewitch you! If you decide to follow some of our advice, we guarantee that you'll set your foot on Savannah's ground like a true local.


The Coffee Fox

When you first arrive in Savannah, get yourself a cup of craft coffee! We highly recommend an award-winning craft coffee house in downtown Savannah – The Coffee Fox.

This unique coffee house also offers a wide variety of bites & snacks - pastries, cheese boards, wine, and beer. Not only will you enjoy the snacks & bites alongside the cup of coffee, but we are hundred percent sure you'll be pleased with the artistically designed interior of the Coffee Fox as well.

If you arrive early in the morning, you'll see real Savannah's locals trying to wake themselves up for a new day of victory.

The Historic District of Savannah

  So, let's say you've had your morning shot of caffeine! What now?

We suggest you take a walk down the Historic District of Savannah. You will be amazed at its oak-shaded parks, cobblestone streets, and manicured gardens. Centuries of fascinating Savannah's history await you!

Be one of the million visitors who come here every year to experience the rich and colorful history of Savannah, represented through the architecture of the eighteenth and nineteenth century – from the forts of the Revolutionary War to the churches, museums, and beautiful mansions.

In this heart of Savannah, you can breathe in the true culture and way of life of the locals, as it is filled with numerous activities throughout the year. You are bound to run into a concert, a festival, an art exhibition, or even a live theatre performance.

From the youngest ones to the older and wiser ones, there is something here for everyone’s taste!

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

After you’ve lost all those calories just walking down the Historic District and enjoying its beauty, you’ll probably hear your belly sing with hunger. That means it’s lunchtime!

Let us tell you where you can get a warm tasty meal which will give you the energy to continue exploring Savannah!

At Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, they will feed you right, i.e., your stomach will not growl anymore. Mrs. Wilkes is a nice dining room located in Jonas Street which runs through the center of the Historic District, near the trendy shops of Design District.

The place was founded in 1943 by Sema Wilkes who had one simple goal on her mind when opening a dining room – to make a living by offering home-style Southern cooking and to make people feel happy and full.

You will be accepted there as a part of Savannah’s big local family – greeted with warmth, treated with care.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

A typical Savannah local would then take the direction straight to Leopold’s Ice Cream.

Leopold’s Ice Cream was founded in 1919 by three brothers who came to pursue their American dream in Savannah, from distant Greece. They learned how to make the sweetest candies and desserts from their uncle, and the rest is sweet history.

Generations of Savannah’s locals and people who would come to visit Savannah could not resist the unique taste of Leopold’s desert. “Good Things to Eat, Good Things to Drink” is their motto that says it all.

If you’re eager to sweeten up your life after lunch at Mrs. Wilkes, we suggest you visit Leopold’s ice cream parlor and try out their homemade memorable ice cream.

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Another option for treating yourself with something tasteful and sweet is visiting the Savannah’s Candy Kitchen famous for their Southern confections.

They have been making candy, as well as sweet memories, for more than 40 years! Imagine just how good their candy must be then. Or don’t just imagine, go and try some! Locals find Savannah’s Original Pralines, saltwater taffy, and stretched peanut brittle to be quite palatable.

You can also consider getting a gift there for your dear ones so they can taste the sweetness of Savannah as well. You can choose from beautiful keepsake gift boxes, elegant gift towers, or amazing gift baskets filled with Savannah’s finest candy favorites, cakes, and pies.

Southbound Brewing Company


When the night falls, you can choose to go straight to bed or… you can grab a beer at the Southbound Brewing Company!

Southbound Brewing Company is the first microbrewery mostly known by bringing the American beer revolution to Savannah’s back door. Here you can see and explore the entire brewery operations – from how the beer is made and produced until it reaches the taps and the bottles.

After you have seen everything and learned all you need to know about beer, you can sit back and relax in the cozy outdoor seating area and try some of their finest brews, including a variety of dark ones.

You can expect to encounter locals in a good mood, drinking finest Southern beer, and have some fun all night long with them.

Bonaventure Cemetery


Another option for the end of your adventurous day in Savannah is visiting one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world – Bonaventure Cemetery.

It is an ideal place for a peaceful walk through the beautiful nature, or, if you’re in a more adventurous spirit, wait for the night to fall and come back for some haunted stories and ghost tours.

Bonaventure Cemetery is full of history and you can learn all about it, about the most significant historic sites, places where some of the most well-known residents of Savannah are buried, or just marvel at the landscape and the beautiful historic tombstones.

The cemetery organizes numerous tours every day, but make sure not to miss the most interesting one – the After Hours Tour. It is an opportunity to experience the cemetery at night after it closes, and it lasts for 2.5 hours.

Many have said that is an amazing experience, so make sure not to miss it!

6th Sense World


If you’re more fond of mystery, adrenaline, and uncovering Savannah’s haunted history, the right night out plan for you is to sign up for the best Savannah Ghost Tours & Bonaventure Cemetery. 6th Sense World is the leading tour company that will take you on a mystery ride through Savannah!

The Sixth Sense World and its great tours have been a well-known tradition around Savannah for a long time now. Ever since 1995, it has been providing tourists, as well as locals who still haven’t had enough of it, with a dose of that thrill and mystery that makes your blood run cold.

Here you can hear some great ghost stories, macabre and spooky haunted tales about Savannah, America’s Most Haunted City, its locals and its history, from some of the best storytellers, or go on the amazing guided walking tours.

Camp Lake Jasper

If you are traveling around with your RV and need a place to camp for a couple of nights, or if you simply wish to enjoy a night under the stars, head over to Camp Lake Jasper. They will be more than glad to accommodate you.

But this is not just a regular camp – it is a big natural resort with a lot of great amenities. It is a great place to relax after a big day of touring Savannah, but it is also a place where you can spend an entire day without getting bored.

Let us just say that the camp and the nature of the Camp Lake Jasper are extraordinary! You can take a walk in the park, down the lakeside pool, hike the trails, or go to the amenity center. This camp has so much to offer – a golfing course, shopping, dining, beach walking… you name it!

There are many more exciting sites to be seen in Savannah if you’re having a longer visit in this astonishing city. We hope that this local’s guide will ensure a great time for you in our charming city. Walk the streets of Savannah like a true local and enjoy your stay!

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