Building Restoration

Posted on: Tuesday October 30, 2018 at 9:43 AM

Whether your building has suffered some damages due to a natural disaster or storm, has seen better days or you want to depict the form, features, and character of the building as it appeared in a particular time era, Harper Special Services can offer you a professional building restoration service.

Why Choose Harper Special Services for Your Building Restoration Project

Harper Special Services is a fully licensed restoration company with years of experience when it comes to building restoration. We offer turnkey building restoration solutions! Our high-quality building restoration service is made possible through the use of innovative techniques and the latest equipment and tools on the market.

Our building restoration team members are fully insured and licensed with great knowledge and skills in the restoration field. All our team members undergo regular training and attend the latest learning programs on building restoration to ensure they are on top of all the innovations in the building restoration field.

With Harper Special Services, you are not only getting a professional building restoration service, but also an excellent customer service as well. We care for each customer and aim to meet their needs, no matter how big or small their restoration project is.

We are equipped and trained to restore the building envelope to its intended functionality. This leads to proactive upkeep and maintenance. We have our very own OSHA-30 certified restoration crew and professional building restoration management, who can restore every inch of the building, including masonry restoration, roofing, carpentry, millwork, coating, garage, balcony, concrete areas, metal fabrication, and much more.

What Does Our Building Restoration Service Include

As soon as you call Harper Special Services for building restoration, we will send a dispatch team to your site to assess your property. If the damages to the building were the main reason for contacting us, we make sure to implement special techniques and strategies to avoid further loss or damages to the building and property before the building restoration starts.

Our building restoration team will make sure they understand your needs, asses your building thoroughly, and plan the restoration project carefully to meet your needs.

Harper Special Services has the skills to remove construction features from other periods in history and reconstruct missing features from the restoration periods. We can upgrade the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system and other work that needs to be completed under code requirements.

Choose Harper Special Services for Your Building Restoration Projects

Our building restoration team will work quickly and efficiently to make sure your building will be restored to the fullest in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, we will set a long-term plan in place to make sure your building is protected against future failures and damages.

Harper Special Services will make sure to go above and beyond for your building restoration project. On top of complete building restoration, our goal is also to leave you with a durable, efficient building. You can contact Harper Special Services anytime if you have any building restoration concerns and we will be happy to provide you with accurate information and help.