Recovering From Fire And Smoke Damage

Posted on: Friday December 11, 2020 at 12:40 AM

fire and smoke damage savannah, fire and smoke damage restoration savannah, fire and smoke damage repair savannahFires are devastating and can destroy everything around them. We often think of all the dangers the flames bring when we think about house fires, but there is something else that can be just as dangerous and have effects long after the flames have been extinguished – smoke. Smoke damage, when not addressed correctly or left too long, can be just as devastating (if not more) than the initial flames of the fire. The problem with smoke is even if the fire didn’t damage every room in the home, smoke travels through the air, so smoke damage will be present everywhere. 

Fire And Smoke Damage In Savannah

At Harper Special Services, we know how serious fire and smoke damage are to our homes in Savannah, so we are going to walk you through how we handle smoke damage and how we can salvage as much as possible from your home and your belongings.

Understanding The Nature Of Smoke

Even the smallest fires that are put out quickly and seem nearly harmless can still cause smoke damage. Smoke has the ability to act like an acid and eat away at different materials is left untreated. Smoke can affect different materials in very different ways. Porous materials, like wood, fabrics, drywall, and sheetrock, easily absorb smoke, making that smell linger for months. When it comes to upholstery and curtains, special tools and techniques are used to remove the smoke particles from these materials, leaving them not only clean but smelling clean. Simply attempting to vacuum or wash these materials alone can actually push smoke particles further and further into the fibers, causing irreversible damage. It is the same with bedding and clothing. Commercial cleaning detergents and methods may be needed to make these items functional again. When it comes to wood furniture and wood floors, things can get even more tricky. Certain cleaning agents can strip wood stain and varnish, and because wood is porous they may only clean the surface while leaving deeper smoke particles behind. Professional restoration services know what to use to safely clean your wood furniture, and can even refinish wood floors to ensure that no smoke is left behind. In some cases, wood floors may even need to be replaced entirely if they are not safely salvageable.  The most important aspect of cleaning and restoring fire and smoke damage in your home is time. The quicker we can respond to the damage, the better the results will be for your home. It is important to wait until it’s safe to enter the damaged area to prevent smoke particles from absorbing deeper into affected materials. We will remove all damaged debris, and get proper ventilation into your home as soon as possible. We use preventative strategies and techniques to eliminate any further damage that may occur, and then begin the remediation process. We handle the entire process from cleanup, board up, restoration, and renovation. We know how to safely and adequately reverse the effects of smoke damage, and are continually updating our technology and methods to offer the best services around. If your home has suffered fire and smoke damage, don’t trust it or your belongings to anyone else. Let us take care of you and keep you safe from the dangerous effects of fire and smoke damage.