Why DIY Fire Damage Cleanup Is Hazardous

Posted on: Saturday September 5, 2020 at 9:04 PM

fire damage cleanup savannah ga, fire damage savannah ga, fire damage repair savannah gaA house fire is truly a nightmare for anyone. A fire will destroy anything that it crosses paths with. A fire, whether big or small, can cause serious damage in all sorts of ways. The cleanup can be dangerous so it is important that we leave it to the professionals. “Do it yourself” fire damage cleanup can be hazardous for you and cause problems later on. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Savannah GA

Time Is Of The Essence

First and foremost, like any damage cleanup, time is of the essence. The longer the damage is left untreated the more damage there will be and it will become more dangerous. That goes for fire damage as well. Structures can become weaker as they sit. Because of the busy lives people live, you may not be able to get to cleaning up the fire damage straight away or the cleanup will take you longer to do because it is new to you. It is not new to the professionals. They do it for a living and will be there as soon as possible to get the fire damage cleaned up quickly and right.


There are many hazards as a consequence to a fire. The average person is not well trained in what these hazards are and how to treat them. Things like poor air quality and weakened structure should be taken into consideration.  The smoke from a fire is near deadly when inhaled in great depths and/or breathed in for a long amount of time. Chemicals and particles are left in the air from the fire that will settle in your home afterwards. Professional teams have the proper equipment to keep themselves safe and to rid your home of these things. They’ll be sure to remove all the smoke and soot damage off of the ceiling, walls, floor, and precious valuables in the home. A fire can weaken a structure to the point that it can be very hazardous. Most of the time, we don’t realize the extent of the damage. Even small fires can cause trouble. Not only does the fire take a toll on the structure but the water used to put out a fire can cause water damage which also will take toll on the structure. Professional teams can do assessments so they are aware of the extent of the damage before going to work. They will go through the house to make sure it is protected by boarding up the home or putting tarps around it. Then they can do what is necessary to clean up any damage done by water, do what cleaning needs to take place, and restore your home to the way it was. All without missing any dire steps. By taking it upon yourself to do a job like this, corners might be cut, most likely unknowingly which could further problems later on. Ultimately, professional teams such as Harper Special Services located in Savannah, GA are there to help you. Their emergency contact is available 24 hours a day, everyday. Their process and equipment is good and efficient. Use it.