Here Is Why You Need to Disinfect Your Home After Water Damage 

Posted on: Thursday August 11, 2022 at 5:05 PM

Water Damage Restoration in Richmond Hill If you've just experienced water damage and had your home restored, congratulations! You're now officially a member of the cleanup club. Unfortunately, most people who go through this process don't realize how important it is to disinfect their homes properly. Here are four reasons you should ensure your house is disinfected after a water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration in Richmond Hill 

Unsanitized water damage can spread germs and bacteria swiftly

Water damage is one of the most catastrophic things to a home. Keep in mind, significant property damage and mold and mildew development are both possible outcomes as well. And if that wasn't bad enough, standing water is also a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasty germs.  That's why it's essential to call a water damage restoration company immediately after a flood or leak. They have the knowledge and equipment to quickly remove the water and then disinfect the area to prevent the spread of disease.  So don't take chances with your health - make sure to call a professional after a water damage event.

Without adequate cleaning and drying, mold will grow

Water damage is one of the most common causes of mold growth. When water seeps into porous materials like drywall or wood, it creates an ideal environment for mold to thrive.  If not cleaned up and dried correctly, mold will begin to grow within 48 hours. That's why it's essential to tackle the problem ASAP.

Water damage residue can damage your house and belongings

Water damage is one of the most common and destructive problems homeowners face. Water damage can quickly lead to expensive repairs if caused by a leaking roof, a faulty appliance, or a heavy rainstorm. And if the premises are not disinfected and dried, it can cause even more problems.  Likewise, the residue vamoosed by water can damage flooring, walls, and furniture and provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mustiness.  That's why it's crucial to disinfect the areas or seek the help of a professional if the situation is more significant.

To avoid long-term complications, a professional must clean up the mess

The infection spread due to water damage is no laughing matter. If you don't take care of it immediately, you could look at some serious long-term complications.  That's why it's always best to leave the cleanup to a professional. Water damage restoration experts have the training and the equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. 


If you're unfortunate to have suffered water damage, acting quickly and getting things cleaned up properly is essential. Not only will this help minimize the amount of long-term damage done, but it will also help keep your family safe from harmful bacteria and germs. Thankfully, there are professionals out there who can help make this process as easy as possible for you.  Harper Special Services is one of the top reviewed water damage restoration companies in this field – contact them today to see how they can help you get your home back to normal fast!