How to Prepare for a Wind Storm

Posted on: Thursday April 25, 2019 at 9:59 AM

How to Prepare for a Wind Storm Wind storms can sometimes come suddenly and without a warning but often times, the weather forecast will warn us and give us enough time to prepare properly. Wind storms can leave some disastrous consequences on your properties, depending on their type and their strength, and cause different types of storm damages to your house. Whenever you can, i.e. whenever you are given some head start and a fair warning, there are several things you can do to prepare for the storm and minimize the potential damage. Follow these tips and learn what you can and need to do before, during, and after the storm.

Before the Storm

Preparedness is everything when it comes to wind storms or any other kind of storms for that matter. Here are some of the main steps and precautions to take when you know a windstorm is coming.

Make a Plan

In order to prepare yourself, your family, and your property and try to minimize all damages and potential injuries, it is very important to plan ahead – if you know that a wind storm is coming, of course. Wind storms can come in various types and each requires different ways and steps to prepare. In case of great and dangerous wind storms such as hurricanes, for example, the recommended course of action is usually evacuation before it hits. In the case of tornadoes, on the other hand, it is usually recommended to stay indoors, i.e. take shelter indoors and wait for them to pass because they come and go rather swiftly. Ensure that all residents of the property know what to do and how to act and make sure there is a proper shelter in place where they can wait out the storm.

Stock up on Emergency Supplies

When it comes to emergency supplies, it is always great to have flashlights at hand, as well as batteries for them, as power outages are very likely to happen during wind storms. Apart from that, make sure you have a fully-stocked first aid kit just in case of any minor injuries. Other things that you can think about purchasing are a generator and solar panels, for example. If your area gets frequent storms that cause power outages, a generator will be a great help as it will power your entire home. When it comes to solar panels, you can get one or two smaller panels – they are not expensive and they can be used to power your cell phones, for example.

Secure the Perimeter

If you have enough time before the storm comes, go outside and take a look around your property. Make sure nothing is laying around that can be blown away during the wind storm and even cause damages to your property in the process. Pick up any loose materials and items, put away your outside furniture and tools you have laying around and secure all of it properly in the garage, shed or any other enclosed space. Don’t forget to put your car in the garage so that it doesn’t get damaged, as well as your bicycles. If you have any awnings, make sure to close them completely as the wind could easily tear them off of the frame.

Check Your Roof

It is likely that your roof will receive some damages from the wind. These damages can be smaller and in the form of some dents and minor cracks. However, if your roof already has some damages, they can potentially develop even further and cause you some serious headaches after the storm. Therefore, if you have enough time, give your roof a checkup as well. Look for any obvious signs of damages, such as missing, cracked, and loose shingles. These could easily be blown away or cause leaks if there is any rain during the storm. If you can do any roof repairs before the storm and during good weather, it will minimize your chances of damages and prevent flooding in case of rains. If there is no time, on the other hand, you can try to put a tarp if there are any holes in the shingles and hope for the best.

Take Care of Your Electronics

If you have important data on your computers, such as documents for work or even valuable family photos, make sure you don’t lose them in case the power goes out. Back up your computers regularly, preferably by using cloud backup services. This way, you will be able to access all your important data from anywhere and from any device that has an internet connection. Apart from that, if there is any chance that the storm will be followed by heavy rains or if there is any possibility of flooding, make sure to secure your electronics by covering them with a tarp or by moving them to a safer place where the water can’t reach them.

During the Storm

The most important thing to do during a storm is to stay put, stay safe, and never go out while the storm is still ongoing. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so it is highly recommended to stay inside your home, preferably on the lower levels, stay away from the windows, and wait for the storm to pass. It is dangerous to be on the road during a storm because high winds and flooded roads can easily cause you to lose control over the vehicle and sweep you off the road. If, on the other hand, the storm catches you on the road, make sure to stop and take shelter. Stay away from any trees as they can fall on your car and find some clearance or a truck stop along the way. Lastly and most importantly, stay inside during the storm, don’t venture out until it has passed completely. You can use weather apps on your phone, radio or TV, whichever is still functioning, to stay informed on the weather circumstances.

After the Storm

After the storm has completely passed and your local authorities and weather experts have informed you that it is safe to go out, you can start checking the situation in and around your property. Walk around and see if there are any obvious damages, but always be careful as there can be some loose and broken items, shattered glass, tree limbs, and similar things on the ground. If there were any damages or if you simply need help determining the extent of the damage, it is best to call your local storm damage restoration company that will expertly and efficiently locate the damages and deal with them as soon as possible.