Bathroom Mold Damage In Savannah Ga

Posted on: Wednesday February 19, 2020 at 11:03 PM

mold damage savannah, mold damage savannah ga, mold damage cleanup savannah gaMost homeowners are familiar with bathroom mold. If your bathroom hasn't shown signs of mold damage, you probably have seen it somewhere else at some point. Mold in the bathroom is a common problem that homeowners have to deal with. Fortunately, when mold shows up in your Savannah, GA home, you can contact the mold damage cleanup specialists at Harper Special Services to assess the damage, remove the mold safely, and restore your home to it's perfect condition.

Why Does Mold Grow In The Bathroom

Mold grows in particular environments. It really likes humid, moist areas of a home and the drywall, carpet, and wood are all excellent sources of food for the mold to feed off of. Without proper ventilation in your bathroom, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold because of all of the moisutre in the air. Also, the bathroom is filled with different types of plumbing that can leak from time to time. Leaks anywhere in your home will cause mold damage, but because the bathroom is typically a humid, moist area - it is more likely to grow there.

Is Mold THAT Big Of A Problem?

Most people know about the effects that mold can have on your health. Mold can cause health issues for people with respiratory problems, infants, and the elderly. It can also cause major allergy flare-ups. But mold doesn't JUST cause health concerns. Mold can literally eat away at your house causing severe structural damage and decay. To properly deal with mold and protect your home, you need a professional mold damage cleanup company that can safely remove mold spores, clean the affected areas, and restore damaged portions of your home.

Can I Clean The Mold In My Bathroom With Bleach Or Other Chemicals?

Yes. You can clean surface mold with chemicals.....but it will continue to come back. Chemicals are just a temporary fix for mold problems. You might be able to scrub off surface mold, but surface mold is almost always an indication of a much bigger problem underneath the surface. Don't risk the strucutral integrity of your home by trying to contain the problem yourself. It won't work in the end.

Professional Mold Damage Cleanup In Savannah, GA

In Savannah, GA, the mold rememdiation experts at Harper Special Services have the experience, certification, and equipment needed to properly remove mold safely, clean and disinfect the affected areas of your bathroom and restore the damages caused by mold. Don't rely on an amateur team who doesn't have the experience to know where to look to make sure that ALL of the mold is removed. Contact the experts at Harper Special Services today.