Savannah Water Damage Cleanup - Eliminating Potential Hazards

Posted on: Thursday October 28, 2021 at 12:33 AM

water damage cleanup savannahIf your home has suffered a water intrusion from a burst pipe or rainstorm, you will have a mess to clean up. Water can ruin your furniture, clothes, papers, and possessions. And the cleanup is more complicated than your normal Saturday morning tidy-up session. The sooner you contact a water damage cleanup team, the safer your house and family will be. 

When You Have Water Damage Cleanup In Savannah  

Germs, Insects and Critters

Wherever standing water remains in a house for any length of time, harmful microorganisms multiply. Inside an enclosed house, these pathogens may create serious health threats. Bugs and rodents are attracted to moisture. Hatching insect eggs and dead bugs spreads bacteria and attract even more bugs. A wet home is an unhealthy home. You need to get the area dried and disinfected ASAP. 

Structural Instability

Homes built up to code standards can withstand water for a short time. Your risk comes from prolonged contact with water- either submerged for days or a chronic leak. Porous flooring soaks up water and becomes a host to mold. Wood structures that support walls and floors will degrade and weaken. Drywall can become brittle, warp, and develop a mold problem. This situation is not water damage cleanup-- this is water damage restoration. Harper special services can handle serious disasters like this, as well. 

Damaged Electrical System

When water comes in contact with outlets, wiring, or electrical boxes, the system becomes unstable and unsafe. Short circuits and corrosion can lead to fires. You’ll need a qualified team to inspect any affected areas and look for risks. You might need an electrician to rewire damaged rooms; be safe and take this risk seriously. 


Seasonal flooding may overwhelm municipal sewer systems and cause raw sewage to back up into your home. Or, your own sewer line may become blocked in the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen sink. Discharged water or raw sewage contains biohazards that will cause many illnesses. If this happens, you’ll need qualified water damage experts with the proper equipment to clean up and disinfect.


Mold is always in the air. And your home is full of organic food sources: drywall, cloth, wood, etc. But the presence of water inside a home “wakes up” dormant mold spores, activating mold growth. Within hours of flooding or other water damage, the spores will begin to flourish. Active mold growth in an indoor environment can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people. Symptoms include sneezing, itching, red eyes, and trouble breathing. It’s much easier to prevent an infestation than it is to remove it.  Harper Special Services is a fully licensed company for water repair, cleanup, and restoration services in Savannah. Whether you are looking for repair service by itself or a company that can provide you with the full package emergency services, debris removal, shoring, board-ups to restoration, trust Harper Special Services.  The team of experts will take care of every aspect of the water damage cleanup project as we understand the stress you will be dealing with after such a traumatic experience. Count on Harper Special Services if you've suffered a water damage disaster.