The ABCs Of Water Damage Restoration: What You Need To Know

Posted on: Friday October 13, 2023 at 2:53 PM

About 40% of homeowners fall victim to loss caused by water damage. Water damage is something which affects many homeowners and business owners worldwide. Understanding some of the basics regarding water damage can empower you to feel like you can react in a way that will allow the restoration process to go smoothly.

Understanding Water Damage - Savannahsavannah water damage restoration

Water damage occurs anywhere an excess of water has accumulated where there shouldn’t be. This excess water leads to damage and harm, and it can happen in several ways. Natural disasters causing floods, leaks, or burst pipes are the most common causes of water damage. You can have immediate consequences of water damage, and it doesn’t always take long for the damage to show up. This is why it is essential to act quickly.

The Restoration Process

The restoration is a multiple-step process. It is essential to assess, mitigate, and repair the damage caused by water. The first thing to do is to evaluate the situation and ensure everything is safe. Then, you must remove the water and properly dry out the affected area. After drying everything out, the damaged contents must be removed, cleaned, or sanitized. Once things are moved out, repairs can be made after another inspection, and mold can be removed. It is best to call a restoration company to help with the completion of these steps to ensure everything is handled correctly.

Health And Safety

Knowing how to properly handle a water damage emergency ensures everyone involved is kept safe, and can prevent health issues from arising. Because restoration teams adhere to strict industry standards, they can guarantee the safety of all parties involved in the restoration process. With the use of personal protective equipment, proper ventilation, and safe disposal practices for damaged materials, they have the knowledge and awareness to execute a plan to restore water damage without anyone getting injured. Making sure everyone is healthy and safe is an extremely important part of water damage restoration and should not be overlooked.


Water damage can be extremely stressful for you as you try to figure out how to afford to correct the damage that has occurred. There are different kinds of insurance you can have on your home or property, and it is important to be aware of your policy’s coverage. Your restoration team can also be a good ally while you navigate insurance claims. They can help streamline the process between you and your insurance team to help reduce the stress you may feel.

Restoration Teams

Choosing the right restoration team is extremely important when you are facing water damage. These teams are specifically trained and equipped to address water damage emergencies. Our team at Harper Special Services understands just how much of an impact we can make in the lives of our clients and community. We have over 50 years of experience and know what to do to help your recovery after water damage occurs in your home. Call us today for more information.