Potential Water Damage To Hardwood Floors And How To Repair

Posted on: Saturday September 5, 2020 at 4:48 PM

water damage repair savannah, water damage restoration savannah, water damage cleanup savannahResidents of Savannah love a sense of history in their homes. More than 40 percent of 2,500 buildings inventoried in Savannah have architectural or historical significance. Most restoration has been accomplished by individuals; historic preservation and restoration are flourishing. Ask you walk the neighborhoods, you can find Colonial, Medieval-influenced cathedrals, Victorian gingerbread and more. Examples of most 18th and 19th century architectural styles prevail in Savannah. One hallmark of this history is a well maintained hardwood floor.  Unfortunately, Georgia weather and plumbing mistakes can cause thousands of dollars of water damage and repairs to your floors. Always act fast to save your wood floors; the longer it takes, the worse it becomes and the difficulty in bringing your floor back to life. Always perform regular cleaning and protect your floor against damages to keep it beautiful and long lasting. Wood boards are highly absorbent and when exposed, they absorb it, swell and start warping. Wooden floors can have water damage issues and repairs in a countless ways: pet accidents, water spills, broken pipes, flooding from outside, toilet overflow, appliance leaks, leaking roof, even a hurricane. Uncleaned spills may also lead to dark stains on hardwood floors Drying the floor immediately reduces chances of great damage and also prevents possibility of future mold growth. What do you do if water spills on your hardwood floor?

Water Damage Repair In Savannah

Before figuring out on how to save your wood from water, begin by establishing where the water is coming from and try to block. If it is a leakage from a pipe or an appliance, you can lock the control tap or knob. Here are further steps to take:

  • Remove all wet items from the floor. Soaked objects such as carpet, rugs and furniture worsen the level of damage to the wood.
  • Soak up as much as possible. Use towels or mops to soak up small spills. For large accumulation of water, use a wet vacuum- or just grab the phone.

Now call Harper Special Services. They will bring the crew and the equipment to make fast work of your water damage repair problem. They will...

  • Disinfect all debris and dirt particles (without scrubbing the floor), Rinse with a mop dampened with clear water and dry your floor.
  • Use appropriate fans, air movers and dehumidifiers to completely dry the wood. They will recommend whether or not to  turn on your air conditioning system. Using the heater may cause wood cupping and splitting especially if it has not dried completely.

During this process, they will be monitoring for mold. Molds grow mainly in humid and warm areas. Besides discoloring your floor’s appearance, they can be dangerous to humans and pets. All precautions will be taken to prevent tracking mold and debris into other areas of the home.  Your floor may take weeks to completely dry. We will use a precise moisture testing meter to verify when there is no residual moisture.  For flooding or heavy water damage you will need to sand and refinish your wooden floors or replace the damaged boards. Water usually wears down most seals such as polyurethane and therefore needs replacement. A proper finish ensures protection against minor water exposure, minor damages and daily wear and tear. We will bring your hardwoods back to the high standards that S avannah residents expect. Get help saving your floors- today! We are a fully licensed company who can provide you with the top water damage service in Savannah. They specialize in restoration: water, fire, mold, storm restoration. Whether you are looking for a restoration service by itself or a company that can provide you with the full package emergency services, debris removal, shoring, board ups to restoration, trust Harper Special Services.  The quality service together with our team of experts will take care of every aspect of the water restoration project as we understand the stress you will be dealing with after such a traumatic experience.