Water Damage Caused By A Leaky Hose Bib And How To Repair

Posted on: Thursday April 29, 2021 at 12:06 AM

water damage repair savannah, water damage savannah,water damage restoration savannahFreezing temperatures happen sporadically at night in Savannah from November until March, and rarely as late as April. We typically have 22 frosty nights a year. In a freeze, the hose bib can freeze and burst in the winter. Since our cold snaps don’t last long, our pipes are often under insulated and forgotten. Almost every house has one but you may call it by another name. Hillock, spigot, outdoor faucet, hydrant or hose bib are all different names for the same thing. It is where we attach a hose for car washing, pool filling, landscape watering, and more. A leaking hose bib not only wastes a lot of water but can also cause water damage over time to your foundation. So, rather than waiting for this leak to cause a severe problem,  repair the hose bib as soon as possible.

How Serious Is The Risk?

Some homeowners ignore a leaking hose bib, but leaky hose bibs waste a large amount of water for being such a small leak. But the ramifications can add up. If it is a simple and small leak, it can cause a wet mushy spot in the yard.  Later, moisture will build up and can cause the exterior building material to mold or even rot. All that excess water can leak into the basement and damage the home plus  your possessions down there. Over an even longer time, a leaking hose bib can cause damage to your literal foundation, which will turn into a much larger and more expensive repair.

What Should You Do?

Depending on your DIY level, you could call in a plumber or fix it yourself. Replace the old faucet, then turn on the water supply and check for leaks.  There's a chance you’ll need to replace the packing nut, main washer, or the spigot. If your hose bib isn't fixable through a simple repair, you must replace your outdoor faucet. However, there are multiple ways to connect spigots to pipes; most are more difficult to repair than those that are screwed on. Soldered pipes, for example, require more specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience. Once the original problem is fixed, you’ll need Harper Special Service to repair all the water damage to the home. You might need floor, walls, siding, and basement repairs. The Harper team will make a thorough and complete assessment to help you understand the extent of your project. Enjoy those summer days running through the sprinkler, gardening, and enjoying your beautiful green grass without worrying about remaining water damage to your home. 

When You Have Water Damage In Savannah  

Harper Special Services is a fully licensed company who can provide the top water repair service in Savannah. Whether you are looking for a repair service by itself or a company that can provide you with the full package emergency services, debris removal, shoring, board ups to restoration, trust Harper Special Services.  The team of experts will take care of every aspect of the water restoration project as we understand the stress you will be dealing with after such a traumatic experience.