Four Ways To Clean Up Water Damage Quick

Posted on: Wednesday July 24, 2019 at 8:48 PM

Water damage cleanup is all about speed. The faster the floodwater is removed, and your home is dried out the better. Thus, you should never procrastinate water damage restoration under any circumstances. The best way to clean up water damage as quickly as possible to contact the pros for help. However, there are several different things you can do to speed up the process before the pros arrive. Here are four of those things as recommended by our restoration experts at Harper Special Services in Savannah, Georgia. water damage savannah ga, water damage restoration savannah ga, water damage repair savannah ga,

Begin Removing Water Right Away

This is the most critical thing you can do to begin the restoration process. As standing floodwater remains in your home, it sinks deeper and deeper into your carpet, walls, and furniture. If you remove the water quickly then you will likely prevent the water from setting in too deep, but if you wait too long then much of your home may not be salvageable. One easy way to remove floodwater from your home is by using a sump pump. A sump pump is a simple tool that you can set up in your basement or crawl space that will pump large amounts of water out of your home during and after a flood. 

Dry Things Out

Once the standing floodwater has been removed, the task of drying the leftover moisture still remains. Neglecting this step inevitably leads to serious problems like mold growth and the destruction of your possessions. The best way to begin drying your home out is to open all the windows and doors to promote more natural air circulation. Along with that, you can also use any fans you have to increase air circulation and dry out your home more quickly. These are the two most common ways of drying out a home after a flood. A third less common, though still effective, method of doing this is using a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers suck the moisture out of the air and make the drying process go more quickly. 

Turn Off The Electricity

This doesn’t directly speed up the restoration process, but it can prevent complications in the cleanup process from occurring. One of your first moves after a flood should be to turn off your electricity (if it is safe to do so). This will take away the possibility of electrocution and electrical complications during cleanup.

Call The Pros

The speed and quality of water damage restoration offered by a professional restoration contractor is so much greater than anyone can do on their own. If you want to have your home restored quickly, bring in professionals whose only job is to ensure that your home is restored. This will save you the headache of participating in the cleanup and get the job done quicker and more effectively anyways.  Hopefully you never have to deal with water damage in your home. However, if you do, we hope you find these tips helpful for cleaning up the damage quickly and avoiding further problems. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at Harper Special Services in Savannah, Georgia for any and all of your water damage restoration needs as well!