Why You Do Not Want To Try To Fix Water Damage Yourself

Posted on: Friday May 12, 2023 at 3:24 PM

savannah water damage restorationOf all the disasters your home can experience, water damage can be one of the most devastating and stressful. You may discover that some of your possessions have been destroyed, your home has suffered some structural damage, and to top it all off, you might be worried about having to pay for a water damage restoration company to come in and help you clean it up. This expense might cause you to wonder if you can just clean it up on your own and have it all be okay. However, it is never a good idea to try to repair water damage by yourself. 

High-Quality Equipment Is Needed To Remove Water Altogether

Water damage runs deep. It can affect deep into the interior of your walls, insulation, and foundation. Part of the reason water damage is so devastating is that it often occurs in areas where there is no proper ventilation to allow the water to dry up. Even if you have plenty of electric fans and towels, there is just no way to be sure that all the water is removed in places where you cannot see it or feel it on the surface. 

Cutting Corners Can Lead To More Costly Repairs Further Down The Road

Just because you cannot see the water, it does not mean it is not causing damage. When it does seep into those areas without ventilation, it continues to break down the materials that make up the structural integrity of your home. If you leave the moisture alone and do not get it properly dried and cleaned, over time, you will likely find that you need to replace drywall, rework electric wiring, or repair cracks in your foundation. To ensure that moisture is completely removed, it is crucial that you allow the professionals to take care of all of it for you now so you do not have to spend even more money on more extensive repairs later.

Water Plus Electricity Equals Danger For You And Loved Ones

When dealing with unexpected water leaks in your home, one thing that you need to be aware of is how it can affect your home’s electricity. Your walls are filled with wiring that runs your lights, heating system, appliances, and anything else that plugs in. Water that touches any of these wires and plugs can become charged with electricity that is dangerous to come in contact with. This can cause sparks that ignite fires, or it can shock you if you touch it, resulting in injury or even death. You may need to turn off the electricity in your home to protect yourself from electric shock when dealing with charged water. However, the best way to keep yourself safe is to call in professionals who have the proper equipment to repair the damage safely and ensure you are not at risk.

Savannah Water Damage Restoration

If you encounter any water damage in your Savannah home, do not try to repair it yourself. Instead, call the professionals at Harper Special Services to repair the damage and restore your home so you can know it is done safely and thoroughly.